The Merry Makers Club Foundation is the principal philanthropic program of the Merry Makers Club Inc. It is the vehicle through which the club implements its mission of charitable contribution. Since 1991, we have been bringing people together and using available resources to strengthen Columbus and Franklin County.  Through the generosity of donors, thousands of dollars in scholarships have been distributed throughout the central Ohio.

The Merry Makers Club Foundation’s central mission is to support education initiatives and social services organizations in central Ohio.   Our vision is to be recognized as an organization that facilities the growth of African American youth in our community.


The Merry Makers Club Foundation annually contributes to two endowed scholarships established at The Ohio State University and at Columbus State Community College.  These scholarships are awarded through the financial ad office at each institution to assist students in need pursuing their education beyond high school.

The scholarship recipients are annually determined by each institution.  However, at The Ohio State University, only perspective Merit Scholar students are eligible to receive the Merry Makers Club Foundation scholarship. At Columbus State Community College, all African American students in need are eligible.

Through the generosity of donors, as of the end of 2015, nearly $275,000 has been endowed between the scholarships and 142 awards have been issued to support the education of our community’s students!

Scholarships Awarded


  • Lawrence Williams
  • Isaac Kyeremateng
  • Eddie Cornelious
  • Kenneth Jackson
  • Christian Williams
  • Ibra Garba
  • Donell Godsey


  • Morgan Clark
  • William Maynard
  • Matthias Heinz
  • Preethi Chidambaram
  • Harry Konangi
  • Caroline Lieser
  • Carly Mathewson
  • Natasha Werts
  • Joshua Bunn
  • Mubarik Mohamed
  • Amanuel Alemu
  • Mark Reese
  • Brian Sherman Jr.
  • Brittany Mills
  • Erica McGriff
  • Ayana Rowe
  • Christa Eduafo
  • Nima Dahir
  • Langston Hughes
  • Elissa Lowenthal
  • Brian Sherman Jr.
  • Sean Dodge
  • Brittany Mills
  • Christian Ulysse
  • Janet Adegboye
  • Kori Asante
  • Xavier Thompson
  • Gina Price
  • King Collins Jr.
  • Brian Sherman Jr.
  • Sean Dodge
  • Shalise Montgomery
  • Latifat Osinowo
  • Meagan Jones
  • Brittany Mills
  • Kristina Metcalf
  • Kirra Horne
  • Lindsay Hughes
  • Ryan Fore
  • L'Nard Tufts II
  • Valeri Wolf
  • Tsilat Musie
  • Crystal Hill
  • Jade Reaves
  • Brian Sherman Jr.
  • Brittany Mills
  • Stephen Gould
  • Mena Abdelmalak
  • Rebekah Wormack
  • Esther Oder
  • Bereket Berhane
  • Travis Billingsley
  • Blaise Bradley
  • Ernest Levert Jr.
  • Kayla Swain
  • Jade Reaves
  • Mickyas Eskender
  • Brian Sherman
  • Sean Dodge
  • Andrew Callion
  • Stewart Smith
  • Jonathan Lampley
  • Shalise Montgomery
  • Latifat Osinowo
  • Vivian Ezike
  • Dana Washington
  • Michael Wireko
  • Adam Shands
  • Adam Davidson
  • Alana King
  • Shalise Montgomery
  • Najima Mwase
  • David Wilkes
  • Latifat Osinowo
  • Courtney Mckinney
  • Ian Green
  • Vivian Ezike
  • Loren Hughes
  • Keeanna Smith
  • Dana Washington
  • Hannah Jackson
  • Natasha Rahaman
  • Chiagozie Ononye
• Vivian Ezike • Taurean Williams • Dana Washington • Jeffrey Hunter
  • Vivian Ezike
  • Holly Coats
  • Chelsea Crawford
  • Ericka Spears
  • Dana Washington
  • Carol Udoh
  • Zackahriah Jones
  • Stephen Wilkes
  • Ashley Cole
  • Jason Perkins
  • Alana Mcgee
  • Jason Perkins
  • Adrienne Smith
  • Leslie Lyles
  • Ebunoluwa Taiwo
  • Charles Stevens
  • Anicia Saxon
  • Melodie Knowlton
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Jason Perkins
  • Nnenna Ofobike
  • Jessica Little
  • Lora Cox
  • Almaz Taye
  • Vernelle Highland
  • Jamison May
  • Melodie Knowlton
  • Christopher Lee
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Jason Perkins
  • Nnenna Ofobike
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Tiffany Gaines
  • Tessa Majewski
  • Charles Nabrit
  • Melodie Knowlton
  • Christopher Lee
  • Ladonna Pierce
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Mercedes Mcfarland
  • Nnenna Ofobike
  • Anthony Roy
  • Melodie Knowlton
  • Adina Rollins
  • Jennifer Jones
  • Nnenna Ofobike

Foundation Sponsors

  • Bricker & Eckler LLC
  • Telhio
  • Roosters
  • Manuel Family Practice
  • Design + Construction Group, LLC
  • Columbus Car Trader
  • The Striver Club
  • In and Out Hauling
  • Thig’s Construction
  • Sphere, LLC
  • Short’s Sports of Indiana
  • Commercial Glass Systems
  • Moyno
  • The Marvin Clayton Family
  • The David White Family
  • Beverly and Steve Cheek
  • The McCreary Family
  • John Prater

Tax Advantages of Giving through The Merry Makers Club Foundation

The Merry Makers Club Foundation is a public charity. As classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, all contributions to the foundation are fully tax-deductible in accordance with the law and all applicable rules and regulations. As such, you can deduct the optimal value of your gift for tax purposes in a specific and/or particularly advantageous year.

To learn more about how to donate to The Merry Makers Club Foundation, please contact Eric Gray by email using the form below, or by phone at (937) 360-4544.

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